My Breakup with the Media

About 6 months ago, hub and I made the decision to cut off our cable TV subscription. I fought it long and hard. I was admittedly a television junkie. It was, at the time, my escape when I needed to shut off the rest of the world…as well as my avenue to feel “plugged in”.  The day I told my hub that I was ok to take the plunge, the only thing I asked of him was that we kept the fastest internet connection we could obtain and that he had to promise me a way that I could actively watch the Olympics when they were happening. Priorities.

Fast forward to this past week. We were coming off a 10 day vacation. We weren’t cut off from the world but we were spending quality time with family and having some fun with our pups. We didn’t really check in on social media and we certainly weren’t glued to TV. Upon our return home, we both observed that we hadn’t really missed social media. To the point that we really haven’t been back on and participating much there either. We are checking in however, we are no longer spending much time when we do. It no longer is a priority for either of us.

It’s surreal to me considering that I had been among the first few hundred to use the Facebook platform back in the day. I was in on the BETA of Twitter and on Instagram. I guess my age is showing now.

People are getting beyond angry and hateful on social media. Vile even. What is happening to humans and compassion? Where has that gone?

I find that I am again at a place of adjustment in my own life. I want less of that bullshit around me. I want happy people. People who are sharing things of joy and triumph in their lives rather than sending up energies filled with pettiness. I want to read of a person’s healing – not of anger. I wish to surround my heart and my soul with things that make me smile. I want to see humans supporting and uplifting other humans. I want to see cute puppies. Flowers. Dreams happening.

I am making adjustments so that my world will continue to be exactly what I dream it to be. I may have to remove some from the circle. I may need to ignore those who don’t align with my vision. It may ruffle a few…but I am done with the ugliness in this world. I am a happiness chaser and a dream warrior.

Who is with me?

I Just Do It Sooner

I consider myself of the earthy spiritual types. I celebrate the solstices and equinoxes. I plan my garden according to the celebrations that surround the seasons…and my calendar year winds down officially at the end of October.

My intentions are set and sent out into the Universe accordingly and that allows me to take part in ALL of the celebrations that fall between October and December – religious or not. It’s really a faboo arrangement as far as practicality goes.

I get to take the slower end of summer ot put some thoughts into what I want for myself and my life..while lounging in the sunshine. I get great deals on new planners. I can find much easier piles of quiet time during October than anyone can in December.

I am not sharing this with you in effort ot convert you to some cult or religion. What I am suggesting though is that maybe you can consider changing up your habits a bit so they can better serve you. Maybe consider carving out a bit of time for reflection during THIS time of year rather than waiting until the end of December. If you are the planner type, shop now and soak up the great deals on those that start in August/September rather than the ones that begin in January. Set goals and intentions NOW while you can meditate on them – rather than losing them in the shuffle of the holiday craziness.

Consider if you will, the potential for good that can come from shifting your thinking just a smidge…and allowing Fall to be your time for renewal and refocus. I happen to have been lucky enough to get to this place through my spiritual practice and am so thankful that I operate this way.

Are you an end of year planner? What stops you from doing something NOW to plan ahead?


Where’d I Go?

Looking at my memories feature on Facebook lately I noticed some changes in my life that began about 2 years ago. Nothing monumental but rather shifts in my tone, my outlook and attitude.

As I parused the posts, I recall that I had been struggling in certain areas of my life, discovering that some of my cherished relationships weren’t what I thought them to be and I had some health stuff lingering. I was sad, angry, frustrated…and negative. I quite obviously had lost my happy, hippy girl vibe.

Today, as I scrolled, it made me sad to read. I have missed that version of myself. A lot. I miss the positive and the funny that surrounded me. And while there have been hints of that part of me over the past couple of years, it hasn’t been anything that moved in and stuck.

I have been struggling as of late. My bod is feeling broken. My mind clouded. My spirit is TIRED. However I am not too tired to think.

Or to read…or to journal.

I am making my way back to that version of myself. The happiest me. I made myself that promise today. Here is to the journey.