Entitlement & Road Rage

As my hub and I were heading off to a pup class this past week, I made an interesting observation: People are fricken rude. it is no secret that traffic here in South Florida borders a bit on insanity however, crazy doesn’t seem to be the issue with our roadways, it’s entitlement.

Picture us, sitting in my beautiful beast of a Jeep, on one of our busiest roadways. Gridlocked. We are rolling and then stopping. Wash. Rinse. Repeat. It’s nerve racking at best even for my yoga ass. What I noticed though was a bit…enlightening.

Everyone is rushing to get ahead. They aren’t letting people merge onto the highway. Instead, they are passing in the merge lane to try to get further ahead. There are several near misses. Brakes are slammed. People are honking at others or simply tuned into their phones trying to ignore the chaos. Noone not giving an inch to anyone else…and the forward motion of EVERYONE is impacted. No one person will bend because everyone is feeling like its more important for them to get ahead than it is to consider the bigger issues on the roadways.

It’s a viscious circle of entitlement and it obviously pisses many people off in the process.

Imagine though..if someone, ANYONE considered that if they just let the pretty black sportscar merge in ahead of them, we could keep moving an extra 20 feet…and then if the next person allows it…and the next…

If someone would break the cycle of the entitlement, we could ALL continue our forward movement.

This carries over away from the roadways as well. When is the last time you were standing in line at the grocery store, your cart filled to the brim and someone walks up to get in line behind you with only a couple of items…and you let them go ahead of you? When is the last time that you were that person in line behind the bulging shopping cart lady? Were you in a hurry at the time? How much would it have made your few moments had that lady looked up and noticed you…and then given up her spot so you could get on with your day?

I am NOT in any way judging. I am one of those that gets in line and tunes out most of the time. But when I am coherant, and notice, I usher them ahead of me. Do you know what happens when I do? We BOTH feel better. We usually both smile. We both are better as a result.

The next time that you are stuck in traffic, take abreath and give someone space to merge. If you are in line somewhere, let the lady with the crying baby go ahead of you. Hold the door for someone and invite them to go into the building first. Offer someone the better seat at the cafe if they look to be struggling…or if they are cute…or remind you of your Momma.

Someone, somewhere has to stop the cycle in order for our world to be better.

Sending you up warm fuzzies.

Well That is a Clusterfuck

Sometimes, life doesn’t always go as we had planned. I know, I was shocked to learn this as well. Truth though. People die. Friendships end. Kids happen. Marriages fall apart. You have health issues. People hurt you. Pets turn into jerks. Things happen.

None of this needs to derail you.

I am a firm believer that our lives are more of a result of how we respond to things and a lot less about what actually happens to us. It’s 100% ok to have moments of fall apart when things change course. You can cry. Throw things. Scream. But then you have to put on the big girl panties.

Just like your Momma’s taught you, you can’t stay down there forever. Goddess knows that people try. They wallow in despair and throw pity parties but we all know that isn’t healthy. I have found that when the shit hits the fan in my life, I am better served to step back and take a few breaths. I try to discover what the lesson is in a particular situation. I do NOT point fingers. I hold only myself accountable. Even if it is simply being accountable for not seeing things clearly and being in a situation that maybe wasn’t the best for me. During the breathing, I find that I can gain perspective and ultimately move forward faster and in a much more healthy manner.

My 2018 kind of sucked ass. I had just about every one of those things mentioned at the top of this post happen. I had a lot of growth as a result. A LOT. I had to rediscover who exactly I was and as painful and difficult as it was for me, I also realized how derailed I had allowed myself to become.

The result for me is that I am midway into my 2019 with a much clearer head. I have a lot less stress and I have room to think and to BE. While my 2018 left much opportunity for me to play the victim (Who likes people who do that anyway?) I made a conscious choice to instead choose growth. I am better because of it.

Have you had situations that maybe you didn’t handle in a manner that was best for you in the long run? Can you go back and recitfy that in any capacity?

A Girl with a Dream

About 6 weeks ago, all 3 of my kids moved out of the house. I may or may not have freaked out a bit. I also started redecorating, I quit my job and emptied my closet. It really wasn’t as easy as this blog post makes it sound. I am simply sharing the cliff notes version of the process.

Emptying clutter can do a lot to a gals head. I had plenty of time while working on my big empty house to think. Apparently also plenty of time to make plans for myself too. (Now that I can do that more easily.) The past few months landed me in a position to quit my job – self employed for 6+ years mind you and I walked away.

As I sit here, in my newly organized and much less cluttered home today, I realize that I have potential to work toward yet another dream of mine, while hopefully finding my niche in the blog world.

I want to write. Seriously write. Not just slap up lengthy statuses on Facebook. WRITE. I also can’t turn my back on the past 8 years of my life. Or the 4 other blogs that I, up until 30 minutes ago, had been contributing to on a not so regular basis.

Nope. I have officially simplified my online world as much (or even more so) as my home. I am down to a single blog now. 1 facebook page. 2 instagram accounts. (1 is a page for our pups and I share posting duties with my hub.) 1 single Twitter account.

I decided somewhere in the middle of the clear out of 2019 that I am just DONE with all of this crazy that I insisted on having in my life for so long. I am tired of complicated. I felt like a fucking slave to my social media and while I do have a decent following, it really got me no where. So..I have let it all go.

I am here now, to pursue a much more simple life. Easier management of my social obligations and especially the social media skills. I plan to dump every single thought on health, fitness, crystals, dogs, husbands, kids and the world right here. Yep. RIGHT HERE.

If you care to be a part of the crazy, hit that follow button in the sidebar. I don’t have any free gifts for you as incentive. What I do have is a big potty mouth and a pretty rad life though. It should be good for some giggle moments for you.