Titles. Ugggh.

I am apparently a rebel. I despise labels. Hate them. Except MILF…that one is good I suppose. The rest can suck it though. Why in the hell do we need them? I just don’t get it.

WTF is up with everyone needing a label for their dog breed??? Why can’t we just be happy with the term “mutt” or mixed breed? I am sorry Karen, telling people that Smoogles is a Pomski doesn’t make you fancy…it makes you an attention seeker…who probably paid waaayyy tooo much money to buy your mutt.

Vegan? Vegetarian? Pescatarian? Ovotarian? BLAH! I have hated this pile since I first stepped into the world of nutrition. What the hell is wrong with just eating what makes you feel your best and THAT being enough for people? You don’t need to explain your diet to the waiter at TGI Fridays. Honest. If you want to eat a salad, eat a damn salad. You should not have to justify or explain your food choices to anyone.

Don’t even get me started on my thoughts of race and nationality. WE. ARE. HUMAN. PERIOD. Unless someone asks you specifically where your family hails from, the specifics should not matter.

I heard a girl not too long ago telling someone that she was a Buddistian. Apparently her label for her Christian/Buddist ways. What the holy hell Yoda?

Why are we a society that needs a place to put our crap? That is all that this is. A way to fit our choices into a space in our world. Everyone claims to want to stand out. To be unique yet we are pigeon holing our lives by slapping labels on everything. If you want to truly be unique, embrace the fact that you aren’t able to label your life easily. Stand out by truly making your own choices and letting go of the need to FIT anywhere within societal boxes.

Please and Thank You.

The Not So Bazillionaire

At some point during the last week, I realized that hub and I are about to step toward what I once considered my lottery dream. You know, those things that you dream of but don’t really feel are reachable without some divine intervention of some sort. Yep. I am about to take a giant step toward making mine a reality.

I am a fairly simple person to please on most days. My lotto dream consisted of enough land that I could spread out and have space to BREATHE in my own back yard. A place where I could feel free to pursue terrible gardening, let my pups run without leashes, and could play whatever music I cared to hear from speakers while I was soaking up some sunshine. My lotto dream had me planted on 20 – 100 acres. Fenced. On a compound of sorts with my kiddos, my poppy and the rest of the family that we loved sharing this space filled with nothing but joy on our minds. I wanted critters and a fucking greenhouse. A decent sized pool and a formal outdoor kitchen. Oh…and to be secure enough that my hub wouldn’t have to leave every day to go to work. I don’t need extravagance. I simply wanted happiness. Nothing more really.

In the next few weeks, we are taking the plunge to purchase land. OUR land. It’s not quite big enough for my entire dream compound, but it IS big enough to plant us closer to the people we love and do some of the crazy shit that I have been dreaming about. Greenhouse plans are in the making. A Disc golf course of sorts – ON our property. A pool. My pops will be behind our fence as well so I can maybe worry a bit less about him and my sis will definately be closer. This isn’t a “doing it tomorrow” space but…we do now have an active exit strategy to leave South Florida…and it’s within our grasp.

My lottery dream is becomming a reality without the winning ticket. It’s surreal for me. Each night, I look at my husband and am so thankful for him choosing to be my partner in life. I am grateful for him fueling my passions – and for making our dreams come true. I am scared shitless on the same levels that I am excited.

Now, we need a name for the farm…and my fainting goats.

Back to My Grind

What IS it that makes coming back to normalcy after a pretty decent break so damn difficult? In my case, I just tend to get sidetracked. This past hiatus was for 2 weeks so that I could spend some time with my sis while she was on vacation. We didn’t really GO anywhere – I had an official staycation. We crafted, we lazed, we ordered in food (A LOT), we shopped. It was glorious!

But today, is my officially first weekday without house guests and I have been ransacking the Babe Cave in order to prep and organize myself a bit. (Having downtime tends to make me want to do that as well.)

I have the music cranked and I have emptied, gutted, tossed out, scrubbed. I am in full on cleaning mode…but it’s not at my usual pace. I feel like I am running in slow assed motion today.

I haven’t been on Sweatlana in almost 2 weeks. I tossed out my drive for intermittant fasting during the staycation and have now gotten back to that again. But just feel like I want to nap!

Anyone else have this issue after a break?

I think some yummy coffee might help…what???? It’s 3:30pm and I haven’t had a drop yet today. Maybe THAT is my issue???