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Why Did I Wait?

What happens when you hand a 40 something woman a big assed empty house and a pretty open bank account? She goes bat shit redecorating and overthinks EVERYTHING. Yep. That is me. Right now.

Entitlement & Road Rage

The next time that you are stuck in traffic, take abreath and give someone space to merge. If you are in line somewhere, let the lady with the crying baby go ahead of you. Hold the door for someone and invite them to go into the building first. Offer someone the better seat at the cafe if they look to be struggling…or if they are cute…or remind you of your Momma.

Well That is a Clusterfuck

My 2018 kind of sucked ass. I had just about every one of those things mentioned at the top of this post happen. I had a lot of growth as a result. A LOT. I had to rediscover who exactly I was and as painful and difficult as it was for me, I also realized how derailed I had allowed myself to become.