My Breakup with the Media

About 6 months ago, hub and I made the decision to cut off our cable TV subscription. I fought it long and hard. I was admittedly a television junkie. It was, at the time, my escape when I needed to shut off the rest of the world…as well as my avenue to feel “plugged in”.  The day I told my hub that I was ok to take the plunge, the only thing I asked of him was that we kept the fastest internet connection we could obtain and that he had to promise me a way that I could actively watch the Olympics when they were happening. Priorities.

Fast forward to this past week. We were coming off a 10 day vacation. We weren’t cut off from the world but we were spending quality time with family and having some fun with our pups. We didn’t really check in on social media and we certainly weren’t glued to TV. Upon our return home, we both observed that we hadn’t really missed social media. To the point that we really haven’t been back on and participating much there either. We are checking in however, we are no longer spending much time when we do. It no longer is a priority for either of us.

It’s surreal to me considering that I had been among the first few hundred to use the Facebook platform back in the day. I was in on the BETA of Twitter and on Instagram. I guess my age is showing now.

People are getting beyond angry and hateful on social media. Vile even. What is happening to humans and compassion? Where has that gone?

I find that I am again at a place of adjustment in my own life. I want less of that bullshit around me. I want happy people. People who are sharing things of joy and triumph in their lives rather than sending up energies filled with pettiness. I want to read of a person’s healing – not of anger. I wish to surround my heart and my soul with things that make me smile. I want to see humans supporting and uplifting other humans. I want to see cute puppies. Flowers. Dreams happening.

I am making adjustments so that my world will continue to be exactly what I dream it to be. I may have to remove some from the circle. I may need to ignore those who don’t align with my vision. It may ruffle a few…but I am done with the ugliness in this world. I am a happiness chaser and a dream warrior.

Who is with me?

5 Comments on “My Breakup with the Media

  1. I 100% agree, people are getting vile on social media. They’ve been heading that way for a long, long time. Cutting down on Facebook to 10% of the time I used to did me a world of good, and I lost nothing besides anger and frustration. Oh, and envy of lives that were filtered through the Facebook lens of “Look how perfect my life is!”


    • I think the biggie for me was seeing how ugly commentors have been this week toward a few of my favorite inspirational bloggers. Like how on earth can you attack someone who just wrote about being more kind to others and volunteering for your passion projects??? People found a way. *Bleh*


  2. I love watching early 2000s movies (and of course older ones) when we are in the early internet age and no one has an iphone. Ah, the early internet—so much nicer when the entire world wasn’t on it.

    I quit FB 4.5 years ago and haven’t looked back. People keep trying to get me to get on it for my Florida Trail podcast to engage with people there but I have zero interest. Instagram is enough and I even quit Twitter two years ago, though I sneak back on when big political issues happen, though that’s all the time now, to stalk a few journalists but that’s about it…I don’t even log in, just go to their handles.

    blogs…I’m all about people blogging still. Gimme good stuff to read!


    • I am finding such joy being able to dive back into books…and blogs…and podcasts. I have time to actually get my garden going..and training the pups. It’s been so wonderful.


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