Where’d I Go?

Looking at my memories feature on Facebook lately I noticed some changes in my life that began about 2 years ago. Nothing monumental but rather shifts in my tone, my outlook and attitude.

As I parused the posts, I recall that I had been struggling in certain areas of my life, discovering that some of my cherished relationships weren’t what I thought them to be and I had some health stuff lingering. I was sad, angry, frustrated…and negative. I quite obviously had lost my happy, hippy girl vibe.

Today, as I scrolled, it made me sad to read. I have missed that version of myself. A lot. I miss the positive and the funny that surrounded me. And while there have been hints of that part of me over the past couple of years, it hasn’t been anything that moved in and stuck.

I have been struggling as of late. My bod is feeling broken. My mind clouded. My spirit is TIRED. However I am not too tired to think.

Or to read…or to journal.

I am making my way back to that version of myself. The happiest me. I made myself that promise today. Here is to the journey.

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