Back to My Grind

What IS it that makes coming back to normalcy after a pretty decent break so damn difficult? In my case, I just tend to get sidetracked. This past hiatus was for 2 weeks so that I could spend some time with my sis while she was on vacation. We didn’t really GO anywhere – I had an official staycation. We crafted, we lazed, we ordered in food (A LOT), we shopped. It was glorious!

But today, is my officially first weekday without house guests and I have been ransacking the Babe Cave in order to prep and organize myself a bit. (Having downtime tends to make me want to do that as well.)

I have the music cranked and I have emptied, gutted, tossed out, scrubbed. I am in full on cleaning mode…but it’s not at my usual pace. I feel like I am running in slow assed motion today.

I haven’t been on Sweatlana in almost 2 weeks. I tossed out my drive for intermittant fasting during the staycation and have now gotten back to that again. But just feel like I want to nap!

Anyone else have this issue after a break?

I think some yummy coffee might help…what???? It’s 3:30pm and I haven’t had a drop yet today. Maybe THAT is my issue???

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