Month: August 2019

Titles. Ugggh.

f you want to truly be unique, embrace the fact that you aren’t able to label your life easily. Stand out by truly making your own choices and letting go of the need to FIT anywhere within societal boxes.

My take on labels.

The Not So Bazillionaire

At some point during the last week, I realized that hub and I are about to step toward what I once considered my lottery dream. You know, those things that you dream of but don’t really feel are reachable without some divine intervention of some sort. Yep. I am about to take a giant step toward making mine a reality.

Back to My Grind

What IS it that makes coming back to normalcy after a pretty decent break so damn difficult? In my case, I just tend to get sidetracked. This past hiatus was for 2 weeks so that I could spend some time with my sis while…