Competition and High School

What is with people and their need to tear each other down? Is it so difficult to not talk shit about another human who may be doing things differently than you? Or maybe allow room for others to be on a similar path that you are on without being threatened by them?

I experience this issue quite frequently. Maybe that is why I notice it so readily or perhaps it is the reason that it urks me so much.

It was an issue for me as a yoga instructor. Especially when my yoga program garnered some national media attention. Other instructors began talking negatively about me, my training and the way I was offering yoga in my area.

I faced it again in the Jeep community. My hub and I started a group geared toward female Jeepers because we saw a need in the community. Others took the opportunity to begin tearing down what we were building by personally attacking our members.

And now, that we are back in the dog world, trying to be all inclusive with our training and sport participation, I am seeing similar situations. Trainers speaking poorly of other trainers. Shit talking owners for their breeds of choice, training methods and their use of trainers or facilities. Why ????

Why can’t people be comfortable with being all encompassing for methods, facilities, paths, intentions? Why do we have to be a society of petty filled hate mongers? Why does there have to be an all or nothing? In the words of my brilliant husband: “Why do we have to choose?”

I have always had a gift of being able to participate in things and soak up just what I may need from the situation. I don’t have to take it ALL to heart. I can pick and choose the things from people in my life that work for ME and recognize that maybe those same things don’t work for everyone else. It doesn’t have to be an all or nothing thing for me. I appreciate that some trainers in the dog community have different methods. I love that I go to a couple of different indoor facilities to train…and I adore that I have a great outdoor space to work my dog that he and I both love more than words.

I soaked up other yoga styles when I was teaching. I found methodologies that I loved. Verbage that I liked and felt comfy with. I incorporated it ALL into my classes. This apparently ruffled some feathers.

I can’t possibly be the only human that can soak up ONLY the information/training/pieces that work for me and leave the rest without insulting the messenger, can I?

Have you ever been in a situation where you may not agree 100% with something but you were able to find some common ground with which to stand? I would love to hear about it in the comments.

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