Holy Jesus Taliban: The Birth.

I used to be an Iphone gal. I was in LOVE with my Iphone. It had a name and it was in fact my BFF. If i dropped it, I appologized. Each time I would enter something into my calendar, or send an email, I would stroke it lovingly. It was attached to me at almost every one of my waking moments. Then, my Dad got an Android…and called me 3 days in to tell me that he was going to run it over with his car…and he fully expected me to fix it.

The only solution at the time, that wouldn’t kill my bank account was to trade him my beloved Iphone for his….*gulp* Android. And so…my new life began.

And I fell in love even harder. Do you know why? Because the Android phone took better photos. It synched easier to all of my other essentials and it would translate my voice to text in ways that made me almost piss myself on a regular basis.

As a result of my trade…and my busy life…and my phone’s ability to more accurately make me giggle, I got in the habit of not proof reading texts to my sister before hitting send. She awarded me this same “gift”. Leaving me to my own devices to translate any “miscommunications”. Couple this with my sister and my total epic level of sarcasm and our amazing wit…and we are left with this category for my blog.

Although, to this day, I am don’t recall the entire conversation that graced the translation of “Holy Fucking Christ” into “Holy Jesus Taliban” I do know that the new phrase is now part of our daily conversation. Against my husband’s advice, I have decided to share our other rather creative text conversations for your enjoyment. (Or eye rolls if you don’t own a funny bone and find us nearly as entertaining as we find ourselves.)

Welcome to our circus.

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