Entitlement & Road Rage

As my hub and I were heading off to a pup class this past week, I made an interesting observation: People are fricken rude. it is no secret that traffic here in South Florida borders a bit on insanity however, crazy doesn’t seem to be the issue with our roadways, it’s entitlement.

Picture us, sitting in my beautiful beast of a Jeep, on one of our busiest roadways. Gridlocked. We are rolling and then stopping. Wash. Rinse. Repeat. It’s nerve racking at best even for my yoga ass. What I noticed though was a bit…enlightening.

Everyone is rushing to get ahead. They aren’t letting people merge onto the highway. Instead, they are passing in the merge lane to try to get further ahead. There are several near misses. Brakes are slammed. People are honking at others or simply tuned into their phones trying to ignore the chaos. Noone not giving an inch to anyone else…and the forward motion of EVERYONE is impacted. No one person will bend because everyone is feeling like its more important for them to get ahead than it is to consider the bigger issues on the roadways.

It’s a viscious circle of entitlement and it obviously pisses many people off in the process.

Imagine though..if someone, ANYONE considered that if they just let the pretty black sportscar merge in ahead of them, we could keep moving an extra 20 feet…and then if the next person allows it…and the next…

If someone would break the cycle of the entitlement, we could ALL continue our forward movement.

This carries over away from the roadways as well. When is the last time you were standing in line at the grocery store, your cart filled to the brim and someone walks up to get in line behind you with only a couple of items…and you let them go ahead of you? When is the last time that you were that person in line behind the bulging shopping cart lady? Were you in a hurry at the time? How much would it have made your few moments had that lady looked up and noticed you…and then given up her spot so you could get on with your day?

I am NOT in any way judging. I am one of those that gets in line and tunes out most of the time. But when I am coherant, and notice, I usher them ahead of me. Do you know what happens when I do? We BOTH feel better. We usually both smile. We both are better as a result.

The next time that you are stuck in traffic, take abreath and give someone space to merge. If you are in line somewhere, let the lady with the crying baby go ahead of you. Hold the door for someone and invite them to go into the building first. Offer someone the better seat at the cafe if they look to be struggling…or if they are cute…or remind you of your Momma.

Someone, somewhere has to stop the cycle in order for our world to be better.

Sending you up warm fuzzies.

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