Well That is a Clusterfuck

Sometimes, life doesn’t always go as we had planned. I know, I was shocked to learn this as well. Truth though. People die. Friendships end. Kids happen. Marriages fall apart. You have health issues. People hurt you. Pets turn into jerks. Things happen.

None of this needs to derail you.

I am a firm believer that our lives are more of a result of how we respond to things and a lot less about what actually happens to us. It’s 100% ok to have moments of fall apart when things change course. You can cry. Throw things. Scream. But then you have to put on the big girl panties.

Just like your Momma’s taught you, you can’t stay down there forever. Goddess knows that people try. They wallow in despair and throw pity parties but we all know that isn’t healthy. I have found that when the shit hits the fan in my life, I am better served to step back and take a few breaths. I try to discover what the lesson is in a particular situation. I do NOT point fingers. I hold only myself accountable. Even if it is simply being accountable for not seeing things clearly and being in a situation that maybe wasn’t the best for me. During the breathing, I find that I can gain perspective and ultimately move forward faster and in a much more healthy manner.

My 2018 kind of sucked ass. I had just about every one of those things mentioned at the top of this post happen. I had a lot of growth as a result. A LOT. I had to rediscover who exactly I was and as painful and difficult as it was for me, I also realized how derailed I had allowed myself to become.

The result for me is that I am midway into my 2019 with a much clearer head. I have a lot less stress and I have room to think and to BE. While my 2018 left much opportunity for me to play the victim (Who likes people who do that anyway?) I made a conscious choice to instead choose growth. I am better because of it.

Have you had situations that maybe you didn’t handle in a manner that was best for you in the long run? Can you go back and recitfy that in any capacity?

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