A Girl with a Dream

About 6 weeks ago, all 3 of my kids moved out of the house. I may or may not have freaked out a bit. I also started redecorating, I quit my job and emptied my closet. It really wasn’t as easy as this blog post makes it sound. I am simply sharing the cliff notes version of the process.

Emptying clutter can do a lot to a gals head. I had plenty of time while working on my big empty house to think. Apparently also plenty of time to make plans for myself too. (Now that I can do that more easily.) The past few months landed me in a position to quit my job – self employed for 6+ years mind you and I walked away.

As I sit here, in my newly organized and much less cluttered home today, I realize that I have potential to work toward yet another dream of mine, while hopefully finding my niche in the blog world.

I want to write. Seriously write. Not just slap up lengthy statuses on Facebook. WRITE. I also can’t turn my back on the past 8 years of my life. Or the 4 other blogs that I, up until 30 minutes ago, had been contributing to on a not so regular basis.

Nope. I have officially simplified my online world as much (or even more so) as my home. I am down to a single blog now. 1 facebook page. 2 instagram accounts. (1 is a page for our pups and I share posting duties with my hub.) 1 single Twitter account.

I decided somewhere in the middle of the clear out of 2019 that I am just DONE with all of this crazy that I insisted on having in my life for so long. I am tired of complicated. I felt like a fucking slave to my social media and while I do have a decent following, it really got me no where. So..I have let it all go.

I am here now, to pursue a much more simple life. Easier management of my social obligations and especially the social media skills. I plan to dump every single thought on health, fitness, crystals, dogs, husbands, kids and the world right here. Yep. RIGHT HERE.

If you care to be a part of the crazy, hit that follow button in the sidebar. I don’t have any free gifts for you as incentive. What I do have is a big potty mouth and a pretty rad life though. It should be good for some giggle moments for you.

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